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Adaobi Aniuchi
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The Perfect Reading and Media Consumption Tracker.

Calling on all bibliophiles and book reviewers...

Transform the way you track and organize your media with the Reading and Media Hub Notion Template.

Modern day reading includes more than just books. Most of the reading tracker templates out there are created for just books.

Introducing the Reading and Media Hub template - the ultimate tool for book lovers, podcast enthusiasts and media buffs. Keep track of all your reading, podcast, and media consumption in one easy-to-use template with this new Notion template.


  • Compact dashboard with views showing items in progress, future reads, challenges and a summary of the current year.
  • Databases with relations, rollups and formulas that automate progress and stats tracking.
  • A Catalogue database for recording all your books, academic journals, essay resources, films, videos, tv series and podcasts.
  • A separate database for your genres and the different entertainment media you consume. You can see the stats and further customize them to reveal more insights on what you're reading, listening to or watching.
  • Databases for taking notes and storing memorable quotes.
  • Databases for keeping track of reading challenges and prompts.
  • Compatible with the Notion Web Clipper.
  • Help Guide for navigating the dashboard and databases with links to hosted icons and images, tutorials for maximizing the use of the template and complex formulas used in the template.


  • Detailed book review template for book reviewers.
  • Upcoming deadlines view in the reviewer version.


  • A reading challenge to get you started with your reading goals this year.
  • Downloadable files for custom icons and images used in the template.
  • Links to the hosted icons and images.


Can this template be used with the free notion version?Yes. You will get a link to the template you can duplicate into your free Notion workspace

Is it mobile-friendly?
Yes. You can edit it on the go with no inconvenience.

Can I personalize it?
Of course! With the Canva template version, you can get access to the Canva template files and made your changes. You can also design your own components from scratch as you deem fit.

Can I share this template with my friends and family?
No. This template is strictly for personal use only. You can however share a link to this product with your friends and family however.

Where can I reach you if I have other questions?
You can shoot me an email at @

I want this!

You will get the Reading and Media Hub Template complete with sub-pages and databases.

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Reading and Media Hub Notion Template | Reading List Plus

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I want this!